Seed Germination – How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds – Weed Seeds Sprouting – 2

Seed Germination - How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds - Weed Seeds Sprouting - 2
For more information, visit: Please visit also our blog: How to germinate Marijuana seeds. Learn how to tell the difference between bad seeds (premature and old seeds) from good seeds. Know about the proper way of sprouting the seeds using a moist paper tower to get them ready for planting. Video Rating: / 5

How to use Jiffy Pucks to germinate weed seeds: While walking the aisles in Home Depot last week, I stumbled into the garden department and found this gem on the shelf. This purportedly takes Jiffy Pucks or any other type of small rooting plug to the next level by including a self watering mechanism. Basically there is a tray with 34 germination pucks, which is about 9 more than their usual mini garden type product has. There is a plastic insert around which you wrap the watering fabric, on top of which you place the tray containing the dry pucks. fill the reservoir below the fabric, it gets soaked and wicks the water into the pucks which expand mightily! There is no instruction as to how much water you should use, i guess they assume you won't over fill. Yeah, well we know how that can go. We let the puck soak over night and all but one of them expanded completely. MonkeyBoyKush regulars 7/8 sprouted; Bodhi's NL#5 regs. 8/8 popped; 5 HSO Master Kush 4/5; R-Kiem Seeds Icer 5/5; Holy Smoke Seeds 6/6; SensiSeeds Skunk #1, 9/9; (we had a few pucks on the side, hence the extras) Clearly the product works but other than the nice plastic base and dome, i think this is a gimmick. Just give us a tray with pucks and water -- if you learn your plant, you will monitor and know when it needs more water. Vigilance is very important. We were happy with the result but wouldn't necessarily recommend this product. Too gimmicky. We hope you enjoy the show and please subscribe! Check our other videos for strain reviews and gardening tips. Like and comment! Thanks and stay lifted! Please subscribe to our website at Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @uptowngrowlab Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel Buy our book, The Kitchen, on Amazon: