Medical Marijuana: Dinafem at 7Acres Facilities in Canada. Critical+, Blue Widow and White Widow

YOU CAN ACTIVATE THE SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE IF YOU WISH 7ACRES is a licensed producer of bulk therapeutic cannabis in Canada that is owned by Supreme. The world-renowned seed bank Dinafem Seeds is cooperating with this company, supplying them with Critical, White Widow and Blue Widow strains. The Dinafem team has visited the facilities of this hybrid greenhouse, located in Templeton, a few kilometers away from Kincardine (Ontario), to see how well our breeders' selection was coming along. There, we could see our genetics flower in the most technologically advanced greenhouse of the entire world. It was a hybrid cultivation system where plants grew under controlled conditions while using the benefits of natural sunlight. In this video, not only will you see how a therapeutic cannabis cultivation, as big as 6 NFL football fields, works, but you’ll also visit a large-scale greenhouse fully licensed by the Canadian government to produce marijuana for therapeutic use. But, above all, you’ll enjoy the beautiful sight of 2000 Dinafem genetics flowering at the same time. Come and see. Watch closely and enjoy. To buy feminised cannabis seeds by Dinafem: Video Rating: / 5