Dopecoin the Anonymous Bitcoin for Dope – Playing in the Dopecoin Poker Room

Amsterdamnedx : We are a group of Dutch people that invested in Dopecoin as Holders not Dumpers, We wish Developer Dopey and the team much of good luck along the way, We will be promoting and have been promoting Dopecoin to various 'Black Markets' If you see the price suddenly rise be sure it isn't a Pump & Dump scheme. But our 'Stealth promotional team' is starting to deliver. Buy in now at the cheap or regret it later at time of writing the price is 149 satoshi You can find me at the Poker table as Amsterdamn or at the Dopecoin IRC channel @freenode as Amsterdamnedx if you like to chat about things.... or need 'anything'.... Peace. Video Rating: / 5